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GaMountainsGuide.com was created to showcase the quality and variety of things to do in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. From nationally recognized restaurants (Joe’s BBQ in Blue Ridge), world renowned hiking (the trailhead of the 3000 mi Appalachian Trail), to just plain silly (driving a tank at Tank Town USA), there are hundreds of options to entertain you, your friends, and family.


Hello, my name is Alyce and I LOVE the Blue Ridge Mountains!! Originally from West Virginia, I’ve been drawn to the Blue Ridge views of the Appalachian mountains my whole life. When I moved to Georgia, I soon realized how close my city of Atlanta was to the southern tip of the Georgia Mountains. I started exploring by taking quick road trips on the weekends. These trips always felt too short, and eventually the day trips turned into weekend-long stays in rental cabins. When the weekend cabin trips also felt too short, I finally started looking for my own place to call home. In 2011, I was able to purchase the land for my dream cabin! Since then, I’ve found even more great places and unique ways to have fun, and the GaMountainsGuide.com is my way to share and show the world the best of these mountains.


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