The climate and specific geography of the North Georgia mountains produces award-winning red, white, and rose wines among the Blue Ridge mountain scenery. This distinctive environment allows for unique opportunities to enjoy local craftsmanship and taste the local flavors.

The North Georgia mountains are home to two designated American Viticultural Areas (the Dahlonega Plateau AVA and the Upper Hiawassee Highlands AVA). These regions have been recognized for their specific geographic pedigrees and have strict rules about which wines can display the AVA label.

Additionally, the other wineries of North Georgia craft their own amazing wines without the restrictions of adhering to AVA guidelines.

The North Georgia vineyards and tasting rooms are family-friendly places to spend an afternoon — many have outdoor games on site and a few include live music on the weekends. Many are also pet friendly, but a general rule is that the vineyards that have restuarants on-site do not allow pets.

Explore the North Georgia wine country for it’s natural scenic beauty or for the award winning wines — either way you are sure to be delighted!

Use the interactive North Georgia Wineries Map below to find the best North Georgia wineries for your visit.

VINEYARDS and WINERIES in the GA Mountains

Blue Ridge Area

Cleveland & Helen Areas

Dahlonega Plateau AVA

American Viticultural Area / AVA

Ellijay & Jasper Areas

Tiger & Northeast Georgia Areas

Toccoa Area

Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA

American Viticultural Area / AVA

There are also 5 more vineyards in the Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA that are located in North Carolina. As this website focuses on the Georgia mountains, these vineyards are not included on the map above and have not been featured in articles.

Tips for Wine Tasting in the Georgia Mountains

Wine tastings are a great way to enjoy a variety of local flavors while touring the area. Follow these tips to get the most out of your vineyard and winery visits.

  • Wear comfortable shoes – while most tasting rooms are located inside, you may be parking on a gravel or dirt lot, and any optional vineyard tours will require walking outside among the vines
  • Avoid light colored clothing – if you (or someone in your group) is all thumbs, darker clothes will help hide any accidental red wine spills
  • Use a crossbody purse / satchel – these designs will keep your hands free for tasting wines and taking notes
  • Designate a driver – the mountain roads are beautiful, but they are also quite curvy and will require an alert driver
  • Share tastings – sharing your tastings will allow you to sample more wines without becoming too intoxicated (this is especially helpful if you are visiting multiple vineyards)
  • Stay hydrated – bring your own water bottle or be sure to ask for a glass of water during / in between your tastings
  • Avoid perfumes – for your own benefit (and for those around you), do not wear heavy fragrances that may inhibit your ability to smell the wines
  • Take notes – you will often be given a tasting sheet that describes the wines where you can take notes (or use a wine app to keep track of your favorites)
  • Bring your I.D. – many places have a strict policy of carding everyone – be sure to have proof of your legal drinking age (21+)
  • Plan on visiting 3 or 4 vineyards per day – don’t expect to see all of the North Georgia vineyards in one day – give yourself time to enjoy each location and focus on one area’s vineyards at a time
  • Set your destinations in your GPS / navigation in advance – depending on your cell phone provider, your reception may not have the fastest connection or allow you to look up addresses while on site at each vineyard (but your GPS should still work without data if your desitnations have been set in advance)
  • Take activities for kids – many vineyards do have outdoor games for kids (and adults) to enjoy, but if not, the kids will likely be bored, and it can help to take something to keep them occupied

What to Take to Wine Tastings in the GA Mountains

These items will help you to make the most out of your North Georgia wine country visits.

  • Water bottles – take your own bottle of water to stay hydrated during your wine tasting
  • Wine bottle carriers – protect bottles from rolling around in the car or on the flight back home
  • Tote Cooler – select vineyards without restaurants encourage you to stay and enjoy a picnic on site (some even have brick ovens to bring your own pizza to bake on Friday nights)
  • Snacks – enjoy light snacks in between tastings (be mindful of weather so nothing melts in the car)
  • Metallic pens to mark your glass & your bottles of wine – use these markers (that easily wash off of glass) to identify your wine glass or bottles of wine
  • Crossbody bags – carry your belongings with a crossbody bag  for men or for women while keeping your hands free
  • Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen – to clean up any red wine spills and stains
  • Foldable UPF 50 Hat – shield your eyes and face from harmful UV rays while outside in the sun
  • Polarized Sunglasses with UV protection – eliminate glare and protect your vision
  • Mineral Brush-on Sunscreen – easily carry this portable, brush-on, non-greasy sunscreen to enjoy time in the sun while protecting your skin
  • Local road maps
    • request a free Georgia road map via mail but note that it only includes major highways (it will not include local mountain roads)
    • download Google Maps offline maps – do this in advance for moments when you do not have data coverage


Which are your favorite North Georgia wineries and which Georgia vineyards are you looking most forward to visiting? Please save and share this map (scroll to top for the interactive version of this map).

Map of Vineyards & Wineries in North Georgia Mountains
Map of Vineyards & Wineries in North Georgia Mountains