Bell Mountain in Hiawassee, GA

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  1. Anastazja says:

    Your article has really sparked some interest in Bell Mountain.  We are traveling across the country this summer in an RV and looking for places to visit on the east coast.  I will have to see where this beautiful spot is located, but it seems that as we drive through Georgia, a great place to stop.  Is it possible for a small motor home to get up the one load road to the parking area?  it is disturbing to hear about the loss of this beautiful mountain for the Cherokees.  I lived with Native North Americans for many years.  Their relationship to the land was unbreakable regardless of government intervention.  Thanks for the details about this place.  It is on our itinerary.

    • Alyce says:

      Hello Anastazja! The road is quite steep, very curvy, and there are not a lot of pullouts or turnaround areas on the one-lane road, so it wouldn’t seem to be an ideal trip for a motor home. You may want to check with online RV message boards to see what others with similar vehicles are saying about the drive. 

  2. tammylou1973 says:

    I only live 6 hours away and never knew about this.  Thank you for sharing.  This sounds like a great adventure to take with my husband.  Thank you for the pros and cons, we will be preparing accordingly.  Can not wait to take pics, there are some great views on here.  I love traveling to places I have never heard of before.  Look forward to hearing about other places to go.

  3. Scott says:

    This looks like a beautiful drive and would make for a fun day trip during a vacation! We live in Indiana, but my wife and I have talked about visiting Georgia some time. Your website looks like it will be a great place for ideas for a fun and exciting trip. I will bookmark your site and look at more ideas! 

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks for the bookmark, Scott! There are lots of of great ways to enjoy a vacation in North Georgia. We hope to see you and your wife here soon!

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