In the true spirit of offering something for everyone, these places in the Georgia mountains are for those in search of a “clothing free” or “clothing optional” lifestyle or vacation.


  • Paradise Valley Resort & Club in Dawsonville, GA
    • TripAdvisor rated 4.5 (60+ reviews)
    • Facebook rated 4.7 (110+ reviews)
    • Clothing optional
    • Short-term rentals for the day or weekend
    • Long-term rentals available
      • Cottage, cabana, condominiums, RV sites, apartments, homes
      • New homes being built to rent for $1,250 / month or $12,500 / year
      • Lots for sale
    • Variety of activities include swimming, walking, tennis, hiking, volleyball, cycling, themed parties, and special meal events
    • Proud member of PFNR
  • Serendipity Park in Cleveland, GA
    • TripAdvisor rated 4.5 (10+ reviews)
    • Facebook rated 4.5 (35+ reviews)
    • Day visits, overnight tent or RV camping, and rental cabins
    • Lot spaces for full-time or part-time living
    • Activities include petanque, water volleyball, karaoke, billiards, and more
    • Day pass fees from $40 (discounts available – see website for details)
Serendipity Park Map -
Serendipity Park Map