Enjoy the scenery of Georgia’s blue ridge mountains from a unique vantage in the sky on a hot air baloon ride!

Rides are available at either dawn or near sunset (when the weather is most favorable) and allow you to experience the thrill of riding along with the wind. Pilots guide you on your choice of either a private flight or a shared flight on a hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Georgia Mountains
Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Georgia Mountains

Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Georgia Mountains

Fly high with the birds of prey and soar over the mountain tops, or skim across a lake!

These 4 hot air balloon ride providers are located in and around Atlanta and it’s northern suburbs. The exact location of your flight launch will depend on weather conditions — be ready to be flexible to account for a location that takes advantage of the best weather conditions. Generally, you should expect to be contacted with your exact launch location on the day before your flight (after they have been able to see a weather forecast and plot the best flight area).


Balloon Atlanta

Balloon Atlanta Hot Air Balloon Rides in Ga Mountains
Balloon Atlanta Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Ga

Balloon Atlanta offers a variety of flights plus advertising and Public Relations tools! Enjoy a private flight, shared flight, solo / single person flight, or tethered balloon rides (perfect for parties, festivals, product rollouts).

Discounts available for military and first responders when booking.

  • Phone: +1 (770) 926-4426
  • Address: 491 Air Acres Ln, Woodstock, GA
    • Note that launch location depends on weather conditions
  • Website: balloonatlanta.com
  • Facebook: 4.8 rating (25+ reviews) 950+ likes


Balloons Over Georgia

Balloons Over Georgia Hot Air Balloon Rides
Balloons Over Georgia Hot Air Balloon Rides

Located in Cumming, GA, most of the flights will launch from an area about 35 – 40 miles north of Atlanta. There are several different launch sites that are utilized to take advantage of varying wind conditions and directions. Choose either a private ride (with just 2 people plus the pilot), or enjoy meeting some new people on a non-exclusive flight.

You will meet approximately one hour before sunrise or 2 hours before sunset, and experience a flight that lasts about an hour (the typical range is from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours). The flight time will depend on weather conditions and landing sites.

Discounts are available for senior citizens, military & first responders, and children.


Fly Wendy Fly

Fly Wendy Fly Hot Air Balloon Rides in Georgia Mountains
Fly Wendy Fly Hot Air Balloon Rides in Georgia Mountains

Private balloon rides for up to 3 people — just you, your guest(s), and the pilot! Champagne toast and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the flight (by request) and weekend flights don’t include a premium. Tether rides also available for up to 75 people.

Fly Wendy Fly uses Lindstrand Balloons, a premium brand in the industry.

Primary and alternate launch sites, plus customer-arranged launch sites may be available depending on the suitability of the site.


Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Georgia
Magic Carpet Ride Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Georgia

Atlanta’s Magic Carpet Ride Hot Air Balloon Adventures offers a variety of flight packages including champagne balloon rides and standby flights (for those more flexible with flight timing). They also have multiple packages available to utilize their balloons as advertising for your business!

They even offer a complete wedding package for the bride, groom, and clergy!

Launch sites are chosen to suit your needs based on convenience, what you would like to see, your desire to fly with other balloons, and other safety factors. The most common launch areas are in Cumming and Snellville.


What To Take on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Having a great hot air balloon ride is easy with these tips. These will help you to dress appropriately and bring the right gear with you for a great experience!


Hot Air Balloon Ride Clothing

Riding in a hot air balloon is a lot of fun but it may require that you get dirty, as landing sites are not exact and you may be walking through a field of mud after your flight. You will also need to be dressed so that you can climb in and out of the gondola basket, so be sure to wear comfortable pants and sensible shoes (you will be on your feet during the entire experience). And as temperatures can change with increases in altitude, it is wise to have an extra layer of clothing to add in case you need it.


Hot Air Balloon Ride Accessories

Use lanyards, wrist straps, and neck straps to keep important items safe from being accidentally dropped.

Remember to take your sunglasses (they can be easy to forget if you meet up in the dark), hat, binoculars, and crossbody satchel.

These ideas should serve as a general guide to a great float in a hot air balloon. Always check with your hot air balloon flight company for more information on what is allowed on a flight.


Atlanta hosted the first-ever Atlanta Balloon Glow in August 2019 in Piedmont Park. Tickets for tethered balloon rides sold out well in advance – make note of this and plan to purchase early in the future! Even if you can not get a ticket to ride in a balloon, it is a nice event to watch even if you stay on the ground!!


Are you ready to take a scenic trip to new heights with a hot air balloon ride in North Georgia?