Thrill Seeking

Get ready for a European-style adventure with the new Georgia Mountain Coaster, open 7 days a week in Helen, GA! Built for both safety and speed, you can ride this attraction with either 1 or 2 people per cart. Cart drivers must be at least 56″ tall while riders must be 38″ tall (and 3+ years old). Riders control the speed of the cart, which tops out at 25mph!

Georgia Mountain Coaster
Georgia Mountain Coaster in Helen, Georgia – Open 7 Days!

The attraction opens at 10 a.m. daily and has lights along the track for exciting weekend night-time rides. Prepare for a slow climb up the hillside, followed by quick descent down towards Helen’s S Main Street. YouTuber joeboy68 shared this cool video of the wooded ride through the trees (note how it speeds up considerably in the last half of the track!):


  • opens 10 a.m. daily
  • closes 8 p.m. Monday – Thursday
  • closes 10 p.m. Friday – Saturday
  • closes 9 p.m. Sunday
  • NOTE that rides are not allowed while there are thunderstorms in the area!


  • Adults and kids 13+:
    • $15 for 1st ride
    • Half off the 2nd ride!
  • Kids (7 – 12): $12
  • Kids (3 – 6): $6
  • Group Rates: for groups of 15 or more, adults get $3 off each ticket and kids get $2 off.
  • Note that pricing rates are the same whether you ride the coaster solo or together


Located a quick walk from downtown Helen! Stairs to the coaster are next to Paul’s on the River at:

8409 S Main St, Helen, GA


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