Gem Mining Attractions in North Georgia

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  1. LineCowley says:

    This is a great guide to gem mining in North Georgia, something which I am sure kids would love. Many years ago I went on a guided tour of a defunct gold mine in South Africa, which was very interesting to see how things used to be done. Being able to do your own panning and possibly find gold or other gem stones, will be such a novelty. 

    You mention that at some of these mining site you can purchase a bucket that is already filled with gold, gemstones or even fossils. Do you have an indication as to how much it costs for a bucket? If you find gold in your bucket, is it still inside the rock that you need to have it melted then? Thank you

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Line, The buckets come in different sizes but usually start around $10 – $15. The gold is usually already separated and comes in smaller flake-sized pieces. Once in a while, someone will get a larger piece, but I’m not sure what form they are in when they are larger and more valuable. 

  2. Caleb Utrera says:

    Do any of these gems hold any actual value?

    Does the gold still exist within the mines or there’s no more?

    What a great post I have come across! Finding gem mining attractions in north Georgia sounds like a good activity to do with your family. Gem attractions are always fun because they are like finding golden nuggets. 

    Thank you for listing many companies about the gem mining attraction. It seems popular over there in north Georgia, I would too go with my family because finding gems and gold are pretty cool and fun to do because there are different types of gem stones. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Caleb, The gems you’ll get at the North Georgia mining attractions are all uncut gems and will vary in value. Most people do not strike it rich by finding unusually large or unique gems during these outings, but they do find pretty stones to take home as souvenirs or have made into jewelry. That said, once in a while, people do get lucky and end up with something valuable!

      For more information on Georgia’s gold deposits, read the separate article (and comments) about Panning for Gold in North Georgia.

  3. omama sellam says:

    Hello, I had heard about precious stones their values ​​in the market but also the beauty but I did not know where to look, until I came across your site the precious stone mining attractions in georgia gives me really want to get started, thank you for all this information

    • Alyce says:

      Hello! Mining for gems at these North Georgia attractions is one of the easiest and most fun ways to find these precious stones. Enjoy!!

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