Places to Enjoy Local Meads in North Georgia

North Georgia is home to lots of great ways to support local agriculture, including a handful of great local meaderies. Read to learn more about where you can find honey-based meads made locally in North Ga.

North Georgia Meaderies

North Georgia Meaderies


Local Meads in North Georgia

Mead is a honey-based alcoholic beverage that has been made for millennia and referred to as the “nectar of the gods” by the ancient Greeks.

Look for the queen in the bee display at Tesnatee River Winery & Meadery

Look for the queen in the bee display at Tesnatee River Winery & Meadery

This classic, old-world beverage receives modern treatments that combine with local flavors to craft a wide variety of unique, local North Georgia meads. Visit the on-site tasting rooms for a mead tasting flight or for a bottle of mead.


Map of Local Meads in North Georgia

This interactive map can help you locate the perfect “meadery near me” in North Georgia. Learn “who sells mead near me” when visiting the mountains, or click the top left icon on the map to toggle the menu and view additional attractions along with the honey mead for sale (cider houses and vineyard wineries).


Meaderies in North Georgia

These local meaderies are dedicated to producing quality meads and offer a great selection to enjoy. Learn more about where buy honey mead with the descriptions below.


Etowah Meadery

Where to buy mead from

Where to buy mead from

Located in the heart of Georgia’s wine country in Dahlonega, Etowah Meadery gives local “wine” a unique buzz! Visit the website for the current list of bottled mead and sparkling mead then visit the tasting room to purchase a glass, bottle, or try a tasting flight (4 x 1 oz pours) at this North Georgia meadery.

Beer lovers will enjoy that there is no need to pick a winner in a “mead vs beer” debate! The Etowah Meadery shares space with Dahlonega Brewery and offer a nice variety of local craft beers. Light snacks are available in the tasting room (Boar’s Head snacks, meat, and cheese). Dogs are welcome at Etowah Meadery. Discounts are available for active and retired military (15% off with ID) and local Dahlonega residents (10% off with local ID).

Etowah Meadery is dog-friendly and open Wednesdays through Sundays. Live music on weekends.


Tesnatee River Winery and Meadery

Tesnatee River Winery and Meadery

Tesnatee River Winery and Meadery

Visit the Tesnatee River Winery and Meadery to enjoy the farm-to-table fresh experience! Try a mead-tasting flight to find your new favorite mead drink while enjoying a complimentary bread basket. Purchase charcuterie plates and other snacks to enjoy on-site or pick up local treats to take home for later. Search for the queen bee in the in-store display.

Open daily for your convenience. Leashed dogs are welcome.


Additional Places for Mead in North GA

Although these locations do not specialize in producing mead, they frequently offer one or two types of mead on their tasting menus. Call or check online to learn more about current selections available at these popular North Georgia destinations.


JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters & Tasting Room in Cleveland, GA

JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters Southern Origin Meadery

JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters Southern Origin Meadery

JumpinGoat is worth a visit just for the scenery alone, but this Cleveland destination also offers freshly roasted coffee and a mead-tasting counter featuring meads from Southern Origin Meadery in Canon, GA. Pick up a coffee to start your day, or switch into vacation mode with a selection of baked goods, beer, wine, and mead cocktails.

The Cleveland location is open daily for your convenience. The outdoor areas and enclosed patio are dog-friendly (there is even a fenced dog park on-site). Plus, enjoy live music every Saturday afternoon!

Contact the JumpinGoat Cleveland location with additional questions or to learn more about current specials.


Mercier Orchards

Mead at Mercier Orchards

Mead at Mercier Orchards – Nov 2022 tasting room mead options

Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge is primarily known for their market, hard ciders, and U-pick fruit events, but they also often have meads on tap available. During a November 2022 visit, all mead in the tasting room was from Etowah Meadery.

This family-friendly destination opens early every day and invites you to shop at the market and sample the drinks. The primary market and bakery are open daily, while the farm cafe is open from Saturday to Monday. Mercier Orchards is closed on holidays. Note that the Mercier Orchards store in downtown Blue Ridge closed in 2020.


Montaluce Winery and Restaurant

A beautiful gem with a Tuscan feel in the Georgia Mountains is Montaluce Winery and Restaurant, a short drive north of Dahlonega square. The gourmet restaurant has panoramic vineyard views and is a great place to enjoy the sunset. On-site lodging is available in Tuscan-style villas. Tesla charging stations are available for patrons.

Depending on the year, they may have bottles of Montaluce mead available. Call for more details, or purchase online (shipping only available to Georgia and Florida).


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North Ga Mead

Mead in North Georgia

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16 Responses

  1. Dale says:

    Thanks for this informative post. 

    I had never heard of Meads before, yet this alcoholic drink sounds great and I would like to try this some day. 

    We have a vast variety of local wineries and wine choices here in Australia, and I can see we also have Meads readily available too. This is not something that is mainstream or widely recognized, probably due to the sheer volume of quality wineries that we have available. 

    Would Mead’s be drunk like a traditional wine, that is to complement your food and meals, or is this something best appreciated after your meal, more like a sherry, or port?

    Thanks for the Mead lesson. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hello, Dale! Thanks for checking in from Australia!! Meads are available in various flavor profiles, so depending on the type you enjoy, they could work either with a meal or as something to enjoy on their own. Cheers!

  2. Champ says:

    It looks like there are a lot of great place to visit for ciders and wine. Hopefully I can go there with my parents in the future. Do you have a favorite out of the ones you mentioned? And Are they expensive or are the prices quite reasonable? Looking forward to hear from you, Thanks. 🙂

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Champ, It’s hard to pick a favorite as they each offer rotating selections and a unique experience. 

      For the most upscale experience I’d recommend Montaluce Winery and Restaurant, but be sure to check ahead of your visit to ensure that they currently produce / stock meads and or ciders. 

      The other options on the list will be more affordable and should have a wider selection of meads and ciders to choose from.


  3. Enrique says:

    Hi, Alyce,

    I love wine! I have been to some wineries in Austin and Mexico. I can never get enough lol.

    I have some friends that live in Dalton. Is that too far? I’ve been planning to visit them, but for some reason or another, my plans have changed. This is something I’m sure they would love.

    I can already picture myself sipping some wine while looking at the sunset. 

    I love ciders, but I’ve never had meads. I’d like to try it and see if I like it.

    By the way, do we need to make any reservations or can we just show up? I guess it’s better to make reservations to be on the safe side, right?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Enrique, Dalton is indeed very close to these great places to find meads and ciders in the Georgia mountains! What a great excuse for a trip!! 😉

      Considering that the world is out of whack about everywhere right now, it’s even more important than usual to contact these locations directly to find out when they are open and what they recommend for your visit. 

  4. Sylvia says:

    Hi Alyce,

    What a beautiful place! I love cider and wine. And I have to say it sounds so good. You did a great job of providing such great information about North Georgia. I haven’t been to the States yet, but I really would love to go. Especially now, I have seen your website with so many recommendations. Really beautiful! Thank you very much!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Sylvia, I hope you are able to visit soon and try these local flavors along with the beautiful mountain scenery! Cheers!

  5. Kachunda says:

    Hello Alyce,

    Thank you for the information that you have shared in your article. It is a very good article indeed. Personally I am so much of a cider person but the information you have shared makes me crave for healthy Meads. I am now seriously considering to go on a trip and hike the Georgia mountains so that I can have a taste of those Honey Meads.

    Thank you

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Kachunda, The Georgia mountains offer many unique ways to experience local sights, sounds, and flavors. I hope you are able to visit soon!!

  6. Gomer says:

    The air and the environment in that place of Georgia must be clean and far away from pollution as those bees live productively in the area. The next time I will visit the place with my auntie who’s living down in Florida, I will request her to pay a visit to BeeCraft Mead Company. I wanna taste that beer that’s made from honey and not grains. Oh, by the way, it’s not beer. It’s mead. Beer and mead are two different things.

  7. Riaz Shah says:

    Etowah Meadery sounds nice! And they even have military discounts too, how very kind of them to serve for our unsung heroes. My aunt lives near, I definitely must go and try out that mead with fresh air about, can’t wait! Mead’s a very ancient drink but very popular and healthy too if I’m correct. Do you think we can have a look at their distillery too?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Riaz, Indeed you are right — mead has a very long history and references to mead have even been found in ancient Egyptian artifacts. 

      These meaderies and cider houses may be able to give you a tour of the production area — it will likely depend on the season and how busy they are when you arrive. It’s best to call in advance to make sure you arrive at the best time for this opportunity.

      Warm Regards, Alyce

  8. R.J. says:

    Hey Alyce, awesome article. I love how you point out all the great activities that can be done and explored while you’re in the Georgia mountains. I’ve never been but your article now makes me want to plan a trip. The information was a great read and although I don’t care for bees, it would be interesting to see the various bees along with everything else the trip has to offer. Thanks for the info.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi R.J., I can understand why a person might not like bees (stings are not fun), but know that it’s unlikely that you would come in contact with the bees while at the meaderies. I hope you can make it for a visit — it’s beautiful throughout the year with very different things to do and see in each season. 

      Warm Regards, Alyce

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