Crane Creek Vineyards

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  1. Paolo says:

    They have some very nice cabins in a nice area with a spectacular view of the lake. Wrap-around porches on both levels offer fun (corn hole, hot tub) as well as relaxing furniture to just enjoy the outdoors. I am excited about this trip. And your post has made me want to go today!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Paolo, Crane Creek Vineyards definitely has some wonderful spaces to enjoy their wines with the beautiful vineyard and mountain views. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Diana says:

    Crane Creek Vineyards sound like paradise for wine lovers. A one-stop shop providing customers with scenery, wine, meals, and being able to host your special events. There is also an option for club membership, with amazing benefits. Just reading this article makes me feel like I need a well-deserved vacation

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Diana, I hope you are able to visit soon and enjoy the wine and beautiful vineyard views at Crane Creek Vinyards, Young Harris GA.

  3. LineCowley says:

    Crane Creek Vineyards seem to have a beautiful setting and would make a perfect venue for weddings or other celebrations. Do you know if the catering for events is done by Crane Creek Vineyards themselves, or can one arrange for your own catering? 

    Is there additional accommodation available in the area for wedding guests? Or will Crane Creek Vineyards advise one if you book the venue? 

    • Alyce says:

      Hello, Crane Creek tries to accommodate reasonable requests for the bride and groom, but there are some constraints that require working around the hours of the winery and the weather outside. There are lots of lodging options in the nearby town of Young Harris.

      Please reach out to Crane Creek directly to get more details about how they can help with wedding planning. Cheers!

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