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Corales & Woody Lawyers Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Workers Comp
Georgia Law Firm handles Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Workers Comp cases


The Corales & Woody law firm provides legal assistance in cases all over the state of Georgia and specializes in Criminal Defense, Worker’s Compensation, and Personal Injury cases.

Marco Corales founded the firm in 2008 after fighting for his client’s rights as a Public Defender in DeKalb Country. As a public defender, he successfully handled misdemeanor and felony cases of all types, including traffic, DUI, robbery, drug crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, and homicide. Marco’s dedication to protecting his client’s right is now available to clients all over the state of Georgia.

Nathan Woody joined the firm after several years representing employers and insurance companies in worker’s compensation cases. This experience gave him a deep knowledge of how employers and insurance companies view and handle these types of cases; knowledge that he now uses to successfully represent injured workers and maximize their benefits and recoveries.

Georgia Attorneys Corales and Woody
Georgia Attorneys Corales and Woody

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