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If you have questions about legal matters in the state of Georgia, you’ll want to consult the experts and talk to an experienced North Georgia attorney.

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Free Legal Consultation with North Georgia Attorney

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend any money to get a case evaluation and consultation about your legal matters. The GA law firm Corales & Woody can answer your questions with a free legal consultation. This free service is available in both English and Spanish and can be provided over the phone at your convenience.


Corales & Woody Lawyers Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Workers Comp

Georgia Law Firm handles Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Workers Comp cases


The Corales & Woody law firm provides legal assistance in cases all over the state of Georgia and specializes in Criminal Defense, Worker’s Compensation, and Personal Injury cases.


Attorney Profiles

Georgia Attorneys Corales and Woody

Georgia Attorneys Marco Corales and Nathan Woody

Marco Corales founded the firm in 2008 after fighting for his client’s rights as a Public Defender in DeKalb Country. As a public defender, he successfully handled misdemeanor and felony cases of all types, including traffic, DUI, robbery, drug crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, and homicide. Marco’s dedication to protecting his client’s rights is now available to clients all over Georgia.

Nathan Woody joined the firm after several years representing employers and insurance companies in worker’s compensation cases. This experience gave him a deep knowledge of how employers and insurance companies view and handle these types of cases, the ability that he now uses to represent injured workers and maximize their benefits and recoveries successfully.


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Call the offices of Corales & Woody today for your free consultation and ensure that your legal rights stay protected.

North Georgia Legal Help

North Georgia Legal Help

Legal consultations and case evaluations are available over the phone or in person at their offices. You may call 24 hours a day (7 days a week, including holidays), send an email, or fill out an online form to ask your question.  


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12 Responses

  1. Cynthia says:

    Every time someone says, “I can’t afford an attorney, I say, “It doesn’t hurt to just go and talk to them. There often is something that can be done.  Maybe they will work on contingency, direct you free/reduced/pro bono resources or give you some idea of how to handle it on your own. I like that these two lawyers have different backgrounds to give the law firm more knowledge and diversity.  Thanks for posting.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Cynthia, You are absolutely correct that it is wise to consult with a lawyer when navigating complex legal issues that may have serious consequences.

      Mr. Corales handles criminal defense and personal injury cases while Mr. Woody handles the worker’s compensation cases. Both lawyers can evaluate cases with a phone call that fits your own personal schedule. It’s definitely worth the call to make sure that you understand your rights and the current legal process!

  2. Tyre says:

    Hi. This looks to be good information. I’ve never been in any of the three situations where I’ve needed any kind of lawyer. Laws can differ from state to state. To be honest, I can sometimes get a bit paranoid because there are lawyers who are more corrupt than we might even know. 

    Knowing where to look can also have its challenges sometimes. Have you ever had experience with either or both men or the with law firm at all? I’ve never heard of them before and so this information gives insight as to what they’re about. Since there’s free consultation, that counts for a lot. Thank you for this information.  

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Tyre, I have personally worked with Corales & Woody and have referred them to friends and family for over a decade. They are experts in their fields and easy to get on the phone whenever questions arise. 

  3. Matt's Mom says:

    Wow, too bad I don’t live in Georgia.  I think there should be more states like Georgia that offers free legal consultation.  I know in my case, I would not be able to afford an attorney.  So it would be so nice to get free legal consultation and know what I need to do.  Not that I need an attorney at this moment, but to know I had the option of getting some advice for free.  What a wonderful thing!

    • Alyce says:

      You are correct that every state is very different when it comes to the law. Corales & Woody helps those with cases in Georgia to make sure that each person’s rights are protected. However, if you have a question about a case in another state, it may still hello to call. They might be able to provide a reference to a good attorney in your area.

  4. akborm says:

    Hi there!
    I have read some articles about Georgia before. All are so good to know. So Georgia seems to be a land of goodness. All the good things to happen here. So nice to know this. This is great news that the consultation of legal cases in Georgia is free. Now all the people especially helpless will get so advantage from it. This is a great initiative. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Boniface-AndroidBix says:

    Dear Alyce

    Thanks so much for your informative article. I actually did not know beforehand that there were free legal consultation services left anywhere. That’s a very positive indicator that Corales and Woody Attorneys- Georgia Office- are a reputable law firm that cares for its clients.

    In my location I have a relative who lost his wife in a tragic car accident. The case is still ongoing but there seems to be so many unforeseen hurdles along the way. Months are just passing. How fast, on average, does Corales and Woody take on such cases as this one? Are they able to persuade courts to consider prioritizing such agonizing cases?


    • Alyce says:

      Corales & Woody can start working on those cases right away, but as I understand it (note that I’m not a lawyer), the speed of the settlement usually depends on the insurer’s willingness to settle at an amount that the victim agrees upon. Having a great lawyer helps to ensure that the victim gets a fair settlement. 

      It’s best to consult with the lawyers themselves to get a better idea of what to expect in a specific case. 

  6. Amelita says:

    Hi there. Thank you for providing a quick reference for legal advice. It is always nice to know there is help out there. 

    I do have a question or two. You said that they provide free advice? If I hire them, does that mean that that first consultation will then be charged to me or will it remain free?

    One more question, if I have a family member who needs legal advice, can I seek council for them or would they need to be there?

    Thanks again for this helpful article and your advice on the matter.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Amelita, The consultation remains free, there is no charge for it at any time. You may certainly call to inquire about a case for a friend or family member. I think this is fairly common – especially when someone may be in jail and needs to have someone else to help coordinate things for them. 

  7. Henderson says:

    Wow, I really think it is nice of Marco Corales to set up such a form after having cases like the ones he handles. That way, he can handle them properly and know exactly what problem anyone is facing. I don’t have any legal cases for now but I’ll be sure to check up on this firm when I do. Thanks alot.

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