ATV Riding in the Georgia Mountains

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  1. Muslimah says:

    Beautiful pictures and excellent presentation you have here.

    Riding an ATV in the beautiful mountain terrain sounds interesting. Moreover, I have not seen a cave for years now.

    So, it will be nice to drive through one.

    Good to know there are log cabins nearby. But considering the safety gadgets and wears, are children allowed in this trail? 

    Thank you.


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Muslimah, People who have their own ATVs may find that there is more flexibility with allowing younger people to ride and/or drive ATVs. The rental places will require ATV drivers to have a driver’s license, which will prohibit children from driving at their ATV parks. 

  2. Dave says:

    I really enjoy (present tense) your site about the Georgia mountains.  I live just over the TN / GA border and so am familiar with some of the locations you describe.

    It is beautiful country in the GA mountains – so different from the southern part of GA that is flat as a pancake.  There are many beautiful trails through some of the most beautiful scenery in America.

    I also enjoy your presentation of renal properties in the area – some of them are particularly beautiful!  I am not much into ATV but am very much into staying at some rental cabin and enjoying the scenery.  Thanks for the information.


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Dave, thank you so much for the website love! There are beautiful places to explore just across the North GA borders in TN, NC, and SC and it is certainly different from the rest of Georgia’s geography. I hope you find the perfect way to enjoy your trip to North Georgia no matter what activities you wish to try. 

  3. Parameter says:

    I very much agree with you that riding an ATV is a lot of fun. But to enjoy it you must dress appropriately like you said. Your long pants and long sleeves shirt are number one priority. Also I agree with you on the gloves and booths. While you protect your chest, you must also protect your head ankles and shoulders 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Parameter, Riding an ATV in North Georgia is definitely a fun sport but it’s wise to be safety conscious to keep the fun going! Enjoy the ride!

  4. Volkert says:

    Great article you have here and thank you for sharing. Taking an adventure is something that most probably everyone gets excited about. And I think riding an ATV would even be more fun while venturing though the woods. Am curious, like do they get to teach learners how to ride an ATV before going into the woods?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Volkert, The experience at the Sunburst Outdoor Adventures ATV parks is beginner-friendly and should help you to get comfortable on the equipment before you go out on the ATV trails.

  5. Chris Carswell says:

    I haven’t personally spent much time with ATV’s, but I do love being in nature. From the imaging of the sites and what I’ve seen and heard about them, them seem like they’d feel really adventurous, but simultaneously very peaceful. A ride through nature every once in a while could be just what I need to clear my head when I need it. What has your experience on ATV’s been like, and where would you recommend first timers to start?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Chris, I’m in a similar position, in that I don’t feel like I have enough experience on ATV’s to be qualified to make recommendations on where beginners should start (personally I’d start with a good helmet). What I like about renting an ATV from groups like these is that beginners can ask questions about both the trails and the vehicles from the experts that work there. Happy trails!

  6. DarmiMaddie says:

    Good one here. I do not know much about ATVs (do not own one) but it is good to read more about the options for ATV rentals in the georgia mountains. I certainly wouldn’t mind having this kind of fun in these naturally beautiful spaces. Seems like a the perfect way to enjoy an adrenaline rush in the mountains!!

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks! I do not own an ATV either so it is great to have ATV rental options in north georgia. Enjoy the trails!!

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