Bear Claw Vineyards & Blue Ridge Treehouse

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  1. Gomer says:

    I am impressed by how they were able to make a countryside farm like this a tourist destination. This could be a model for others to follow, to have them implement the same style in their countrysides. 

    I have this running in my mind as I am still single and thinking of a wedding anytime sooner. The Bear Claw Vineyard Covered Patio can be a good place to host the wedding, and after the event, we will spend the honeymoon in that treehouse that’s visible from the covered patio. The idea sounds great, right? Add to that, fresh wines for the couple are accessible too.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Gomer, Getting married at a Georgia vineyard venue definitely sounds like a memorable wedding event. And believe it or not, Bear Claw actually has a separate, dedicated space for hosting events like weddings!! “The Club at Bear Claw” is literally across the street from the tasting room, and has space for up to 250 guests.

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