Cabin Rentals in the Georgia Mountains

There are a lot of great, scenic cabins for rent in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

The rental cabins in North Georgia include locations that are both scenic and can range in size from “tiny homes” to mansions. Enjoy the clean air, rocking chair decks with mountain views, modern amenities, and a gorgeous, natural locations.

Above the Rest Cabin Deck w/ Rocking Chairs & Mountain Views -

Above the Rest Cabin Deck w/ Rocking Chairs & Mountain Views

Renting a cabin for your vacation is an exciting way to experience the mountains from a more natural setting than a city or town center. There are many homes available that are large enough to host your extended family! Modern amenities and fun extras including entertainment like pool tables, hot tubs, board games, video games, and more.

Choosing a Cabin in the Georgia Mountains

When deciding on a cabin, be sure to understand that each house is very different and each rental management company is very different. Carefully review the rental terms to make sure you understand the specifics and all charges applicable to your rental.

Note that it is very common for mountain cabin rentals to require:

  • More than a 1 night minimum stay
  • Cleaning fees added to the final bill

Other things to consider in a cabin rental include:

  • Does the unit have a log-burning fireplace?
    • Can it be used any time of year?
    • Are seasoned firewood and firestarters included?
  • Does the unit have an outdoor hot tub / jacuzzi?
  • Are there scenic long-range views (preferably facing West to see sunset)?
  • Which floor is the master bedroom on?
  • How many bedrooms / bathrooms?
  • How challenging is the drive (one lane road, paved road, unmarked roads, etc)?
    • Is it generally driveable if it snows?
  • Will there be cell phone reception (which providers)?
  • What are check-in / check-out times and procedures?
  • Can GPS / google maps generally navigate to the cabin?
  • Is it pet friendly?
    • What types of pets are allowed?
    • What are the fees for pets?

Reserving a Cabin in the Mountains

Once you know what you want in a cabin you can start your search for a great place! The websites below will have all the relevant details (including photos), but you may save time by calling the Cabin Rental Groups and asking them for their availability and help with your reservation.

Georgia Mountains Cabin Rental Groups

These groups manage a small group of cabins and will have someone in an office dedicated to helping guests with pre-stay questions or any requests during your stay.

North Georgia Cabin Rentals by Owner 

These resources let you rent an available space directly from the owner. These websites offer a wide variety of lodging options from full cabins, to treehouses, to an affordable single room in a shared house. Quality can vary greatly between properties! Be sure to check reviews and understand exactly what is included with your reservation. 

Definitely consider these for your next visit as they can often offer some of the most interesting rentals in an area — in fact, some VRBO lakefront rentals can include their own boat!

Unique Cabin Rentals in the Georgia Mountains

No matter what kind of relaxing vacation cabin you are looking for, you can probably find it in the Georgia mountains. Choose from one-of-a-kind lodging like:


Make sure to pack snacks for your weekend and include everything you’ll need to make fresh s’mores while cozying up outside (or inside) next to the fire!


What do you have to have in your cabin rentals?

6 Responses

  1. Nina says:

    The offer of cabin rentals in the Georgia Mountains is really diversified and extensive. I like to spend holidays in nature by renting a cabin. I like the options by the lake, where you can rent a boat.
    I took a look at the pictures from the Beary Kozy rental cabin and this cabin is really beautiful, very spacious, nicely decorated, has everything you need and more.
    Thanks for a great presentation!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Nina, I have really special memories of a vacation at the Beary Kozy cabin with extended family (4 generations!). It was a great space to hold so many loved ones and create lasting memories of times together playing games, cooking meals, sitting around the campfire, and enjoying the beautiful mountain views. I can’t recommend these beautiful cabin rentals enough!

  2. Chris Carswell says:

    I cannot even begin to express the love I feel for the mountains. There are a good number of reminders in this article for what to look for in a rental cabin. I don’t often think about just renting a space, but this is a good checklist of things to look out for if I ever I do choose to find a place. It’s not likely that I would have thought to check for these things on my own, so having that is really nice!

  3. Dave Sweney says:

    This is an informative and interesting article on cabin rentals in the Georgia mountains. The images show clearly why someone looking for some peace and serenity would want to rent one of these, and the prices are not unreasonable either. The checklist that you have provided is helpful, there are a couple of items that I would have missed otherwise when looking for a suitable place to stay.

    It is a great idea to go with a group too. These cabins are large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably and the more the merrier is what I like to say. It would be a different experience for some of my friends and I know they would enjoy it. Is there a particular time of year when these are cheaper? The extensive list of providers is helpful too. Thanks for the heads up on these cabins and the opportunities for a different kind of vacation!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Dave, The time of year that I have found to be the most affordable is during the Winter. The holiday weekends may be an exception, but even so, you can still get a lot for your money with a Georgia mountain cabin rental! 

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