Expedition: Bigfoot in the Georgia Mountains

For a completely unique Georgia mountains experience, look no further than Expedition: Bigfoot! and The Sasquatch Museum.

Bigfoot Attraction Entrance in Georgia Mountains

Bigfoot Attraction Entrance in Georgia Mountains

Billed as North Georgia’s “biggest” family attraction, this is also the world’s largest Bigfoot museum, with over 4,500 square feet of self-guided exhibits. In addition, you’ll find footprint casts, interactive exhibits, a Bigfoot research & tech vehicle, a theater, and (of course) a gift shop!

The exhibit is open daily during the Summer months but call in advance for hours during other times of the year.


Explore Expedition: Bigfoot and American Folklore

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the Expedition: Bigfoot museum is also a research and Bigfoot encounter reporting center. If you have had an encounter that you would like to share, please email or call the museum (names and locations will not be shared without permission).

On special occasions, the museum also hosts special events with Bigfoot experts and enthusiasts, including:

  • Bob Gimlin: present when the most famous Bigfoot footage was filmed and who will tell you it was not โ€œa man in a suitโ€
  • David Paulides: author of the popular Missing 411 series of books and documentary films (of the same name)

Learn even more before your museum visit on the Bigfoot Wiki, the I’ve Seen Bigfoot movie, a highly-rated David Paulides books, or other popular Bigfoot books!


Expedition: Bigfoot Hours

  • Open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (note that the last admission is at 4:30 pm)
  • Winter hours may vary
  • Closed on major holidays


Expedition: Bigfoot Cost

  • $8.00 Adults (ages 13+)
  • $6.00 Children (ages 5-12)
  • Free for Children under 5
  • Free for Active Military with ID


Expedition Bigfoot and The Sasquatch Museum in Georgia Mountains

Expedition Bigfoot and The Sasquatch Museum in Georgia Mountains


Lodging Near Expedition: Bigfoot

For anyone who wishes to plan their trip around their Bigfoot and Sasquatch research, reserve a stay at one of these nearby vacation rentals.


Expedition: Bigfoot Contact Info


Expedition: Bigfoot Reviews


Do you know a Bigfoot enthusiast who would enjoy some fun Bigfoot-themed items? Check out these great Bigfoot gifts available on Amazon:

After you visit Expedition: Bigfoot and The Sasquatch Museum, you may have a new appreciation for outdoor activities in the Georgia mountains, including hiking, rafting, and tubing! Who knows what you will see?

8 Responses

  1. Navnit says:

    Interesting article on the local bigfoot expedition museum – this is an exciting discovery for me. It’s nice to go somewhere that has a naturally beautiful location like Blue Ridge plus things to do inside for a change of pace. It has been a while since I’ve heard anything about bigfoot or sasquatch, but it seems like an interesting subject for an afternoon of exploration. Thanks for the unique tip of this fun thing to do near Blue Ridge!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Navnit! I’m not sure if Bigfoot or Sasquatch do exist, but if they did, the Georgia mountains would provide plenty of places to hide from being discovered! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

  2. Henderson says:

    In addition to all the goodies that abide in the Georgian mountains, there’s also a museum about big foot with exhibits? Wow, I don’t think there’s anything that beats this. Being able to meet men who can actually tell the story is totally awesome. The price for the museum doesn’t seem all that bad seeing all the goodies that one will encounter. Its totally awesome and I’m eager to see it. Thanks for informing me once again

  3. Henry says:

    This would make a fun day out with all the family. I like the prices are really affordable and what’s even better is that kids under 5 go in free. 

    I have found the stories surrounding Bigfoot interesting and although I believe they’re a combination between folklore and misidentification, nonetheless they’re interesting to listen.

    • Alyce says:

      I agree that it’s an interesting topic… seems like we would have found hard evidence of one by now, but maybe they just know how to outsmart most people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. James Cavendish says:

    I have just found this post on Bigfoot in the Georgia Mountains, I find this topic really interesting, I have read many books about the subject and seen many documentaries about it, is it fact or fiction is the big question being asked? Personally I believe in Bigfoot and that there must be something in it.

    There have been many sightings so to find that there is an exhibition on the subject is great news for me. I will be saving your post and sending it on to other colleagues I know who would be interested to know this too, thanks for sharing


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