White Path Creek Distillery in Ellijay, GA

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  1. Mike LaVie says:

    We picked up a jar of caramel corn whiskey. The caramel flavor leaves a lingering taste and aroma which is complimentary to how smooth this whiskey goes down. What a diamond in the rough!

  2. Parameter says:

    Thank you for coming up with this article on White Path Creek Distillery. Top of it is the availability of distillery tastings as cheap as $12. Nice to find a unique attraction that can’t be found just anywhere. Plus, you got my attention with the availability of lodges. This makes it a place for us to visit. I am well assured they are a close lodge to hide my head. Their general open hours of 10 am to 6pm are also convenient enough to work around other vacation activities. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Parameter! The distillery is certainly unique, and the tastings are a pretty good deal too. It’s also very helpful to have nearby places to stay in the scenic Ellijay area. Enjoy!

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