Currahee Vineyard & Winery

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  1. Mitch says:

    What a Beautiful Location!

    The whole wine tasting experience set in such an amazing setting would be a delight, I’m from the UK but know Florida very well, I have yet to venture out into the beautiful Mountains of Georgia. The warm family atmosphere really comes across and is very inviting I have to say.

    The nearby lodgings look awesome again adding to the whole experience, this is somewhere I would definitely consider visiting once we are allowed to travel again.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Mitch, The vineyards offer a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to support local agriculture and tourism! It’s win-win-win. 

      I absolutely love the waterfall house rental — I want to spend time there during the Fall when the leaves change color and gaze at the beautiful waterfall and all the pretty trees while sitting by that giant fireplace. Heaven!!

  2. pitin says:

    Beautiful! I checked both the Cherrywood Ranch and the Stylehouse with waterfall views! Both are incredible! 

    Even though it’s a little bit farther away, I am leaning towards the modern cliffside house that features those amazing 40′ tall waterfall views. This vacation rental looks like a more stunning location than many resorts can offer! Plus, I’m very impressed with the architect on the home and would love to see it in person.

    • Alyce says:

      I absolutely agree. While both places have amazing views, the location on a 40′ waterfall is something that is very hard to find. 

  3. Virendra says:

    Hi there, while browsing at some great wedding venues, I came across your website and this article. We, my partner and I, want to host a small wedding (+- 50 people). Do you think this venue is gonna be suitable for us? And you talked about a couple of places where you can stay, so I assume that the venue itself doesn’t have a lodge or something available?

    And one last thing (sorry for all the questions, but you don’t marry someone every single day), the picture you are showing has been taken in the winter. But what does it look like in the spring? We want to have a wedding during the spring (April/May).

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Virenda! Congrats on your engagement!! Currahee Vineyard & Winery should be able to host a small wedding. They do not have on-site lodging at the vineyard, but the Cherrywood Ranch vacation rental is only 3.5 miles from the vineyard. 

      Check with the vineyard directly to learn more about their wedding options. There are lots of great photos from visitors to the vineyard on the Currahee Vineyard facebook page to help you get an idea of what it looks like during the Spring. 


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