Kayak, Canoe, and Paddleboard Rentals in North Georgia

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  1. Stratos K says:

    As an outdoor enthusiast, I found this article on kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals in North GA very helpful. Although I do not live in the nearby area, I am astonished at how many places there are there for canoe and kayak! It’s great to see so many options available for exploring the beautiful waterways in the area. 

    The detailed descriptions of each rental company, along with their pricing and location information, make it easy to plan a fun and affordable adventure. I appreciate the author’s emphasis on safety and responsible paddling as well. Overall, a great resource for anyone looking to enjoy the water in North Georgia.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi, Stratos! Hanging out in and on the water in North GA in the summer is one of the best ways to spend a day! Glad to be of help!!

  2. bethebest#128 says:

    I think that anyone interested in kayaking, canoe, and paddleboards will be thoroughly impressed by the collage of rentals you just listed. I love how you show social media reactions. You do an amazing job providing all the necessary details for location and what to expect in terms of distance and scope. Gracefully, you leave little up to the imagination and thus prove to be a reliable, dependable, and well-informed source. Also, I think that the images provided correspond to the thorough, yet smooth tone of your post. You certainly put North Georgia on the map!

    • Alyce says:

      Thank you so much! I hope that this information will help people find great ways to enjoy North Georgia’s natural beauty!

  3. Abel says:

    I just bought two kayaks for the price of one… canoe believe it?
    Dad’s jokes aside, I really enjoyed your post learning where we can get in some waterfront fun by renting a kayak, paddleboat or canoe. In my book, these activities are memorable way to explore nature with our family. And at the same time get a little exercise too.

    • Alyce says:

      Bahahahaha!!!!!  🙂

      Fantastic joke! I will definitely be sharing that with the kids tonight. Thanks for the smile – you totally brightened my morning!!

  4. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi Alyce
    Thanks for sharing your views on the Kayak, Canoe and paddleboard rentals in North Georgia. It seems water sports have been the main attraction of this place that is why there is a whole lot of attractions available in this place .paddle boards are on my wish list and I hope I will be able to do it someday .I have bookmarked your page so I can come back again .Till that time keep motivating us with more articles.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Guarav, We are lucky to have lots of great lakes, rivers, and creeks to explore. I think you’ll enjoy paddleboarding when you try it — it is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy a day on the lake!

  5. Anna says:

    This looks like fun, fun and more fun. This is a great overview of some water activities that one can do when visiting North Georgia. This is a very useful review, as you have put in one place a lot of available options with descriptions and helpful details so it’s easier to plan where to go and what to do. The pictures are so inviting, I wish I could go right now, but I’ll have to settle for planning something for the future.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Anna, I definitely think it’s helpful to know what options you’ve got when figuring out what to explore on vacation. Hopefully, you found the perfect spot for your family to enjoy a day on the water!

  6. Geoff says:

    Thanks for bringing us all these great options to consider.

    This would be an excellent idea for our extended family to get together and have some fun.  I love that all the equipment can be hired as it opens up the opportunity to everyone.

    I think that we will try Vogel State Park as it has a great variety of things to do, so that there will be something for everyone.  That way no one will be left out at any time.  Having said that, there are a few in our party that will be more than content to just sit and watch the rest of us.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Geoff, it can definitely be hard to please a whole group of personalities, but in this case, it should be manageable. 

      I’d recommend that you rent from a place that also has a restaurant on-site so that the sporty types can enjoy time on the water while the others enjoy the view from a restaurant or bar onshore! Some good choices would be Moccasin Creek State Park on Lake Burton and The Ridges Resort and Marina on Lake Chatuge. Enjoy!

  7. Kokontala says:

    Greetings! I can imagine the feeling of reserving a kayak, tandem kayak, or canoe for a quiet day on the lake; it’s undoubtedly amazing. I have never been to Georgia before, but having read and seen all the information and pictures you provided, North Georgia is definitely a great place to tour. It’s beautiful and unique.

    • Alyce says:

      Hello! It’s also nice and convenient that there are places to rent these personal watercraft on about every lake and river in the area! I hope you can visit soon and experience the R&R for yourself.

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