Aerial Tours of the Georgia Mountains

For a totally different perspective, consider an aerial tour of the Georgia mountains. These customized rides in a helicopter, airplane, seaplane, or even a hot air balloon will be a thrilling experience like no other.

Many of the flights are available from the North metro Atlanta area which is a very short flight to the mountains. You’ll be able to watch the geography change from the gentle rolling hills in the city to the bigger mountains in the foothills of the Appalachians.


North Georgia Aerial Tours


North Georgia Biplane Tours

This group offers vintage biplane rides and tours in the Atlanta area and North Georgia mountains. Try an aerobatic thrill ride or a gentle sightseeing ride for two including a chance to view the sunset from the air. After your flight, enjoy a dinner at the Kennesaw airport at Elevation Chop House.


Biplane Adventures

Biplane Adventures in the Georgia Mountains

Biplane Adventures in the Georgia Mountains

Purchase biplane tours for Atlanta, Stone Mountain, or Lake Lanier areas.


Biplane Adventures Contact Info

  • Phone: +1 (770) 393-3937
  • Address: 1723 McCollum Parkway, Kennesaw, GA
    • It is not advised to use GPS to find their location – please see the online directions
  • Website:


Biplane Adventures Reviews


North Georgia Seaplane Tours

For a truly unique experience, try a Seaplane Tour of the Georgia Mountains and enjoy the mountain scenery with a “Splash and Dash” seaplane splashdown on Lake Blue Ridge, Lake Notley, or Lake Chatuge! Various packages are available or you can design your own custom experience!


Wing N It Adventures

Located at The Ridges Marina (on Lake Chatuge in Young Harris, GA), the seaplanes can accommodate up to 3 passengers at a time with a combined total weight of 450 pounds. Enjoy a 60 minute flight tour on the Mountain Views Package that includes a deluxe tour of Lake Blue Ridge, Lake Nottely, Lake Chatuge, and the beautiful views of the Georgia Mountains region.

They can also put together a custom tour for you upon request.

Wing N It Seaplane Tours in North Georgia Mountains

Wing N It Seaplane Tours in North Georgia Mountains

Wing N It Adventures Contact Info


Wing N It Adventures Reviews


North Georgia Helicopter Tours

There are a couple of choices to fly around the Georgia mountains in a helicopter! Choose the one that is most convenient or the tour that most appeals to you.


Atlanta Heli / North Atlanta Executive Air Service

This group specializes in helicopter charters and offers helicopter tour packages to some of Georgia’s most beautiful places.

Enjoy a variety of amazing aerial perspectives and tour options including a 50 to 60-minute scenic flight of Amicalola Falls (729-foot waterfall at the southern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains). Enjoy the beautiful natural mountain scenery and, when in season, view the gorgeous colors of the fall foliage and Burt’s Pumpkin Patch.

North Atlanta Executive Air Service Helicopter Rides in the Ga Mountains

North Atlanta Executive Air Service Helicopter Rides in the Ga Mountains

Atlanta Heli Contact Info

  • Phone: +1 (678) 362-3415
  • Address: 3948 Aviation Circle, Atlanta, GA
  • Website:


Atlanta Heli Reviews


Blue Ridge Helicopters

Based in Lawrenceville, GA (at the Gwinnett County airport), this group has several options that you can choose from day to night. If you totally love the helicopter flight experience, they even offer lessons so that you can start working towards your pilot’s license!

Blue Ridge Helicopters in the Georgia Mountains

Blue Ridge Helicopters in the Georgia Mountains

Blue Ridge Helicopters Contact Info

Blue Ridge Helicopters Reviews


If you prefer the more natural experience of a non-motorized flight, see the separate post about your options to enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the mountains.

Have a great flight!!

16 Responses

  1. MissusB says:

    Georgia Mountains is one of the most popular nature getaway and has numerous attractions and activities. I heard all the adventurous things you can do like hiking, trailing, orchard visiting and a lot more. There are even fabulous hotels you can check in for the visit. Now, it’s completed with aerial tours which of course is amazing. I mean, what else can you not do in Georgia Mountains?

    Among your biplane recommendations, the biplane and seaplane tour interest me a lot. It can he romantic and thrilling at the same time. Price point is also reasonable. I appreciate your aerial tour suggestions. You briefly but effectively gave away the best features of each flights. Feels like I had a glimpse of what it has to offer.

    • Alyce says:

      I haven’t yet been in a biplane or seaplane, but I can tell you that if they are as exciting as a helicopter ride through the mountains, it’s an amazing experience!

  2. Dane says:

    This seem like so much fun already. My imagination is playing on me right now. I love fast drives on water alot, the feeling is much different I tell you. I haven’t had a thought about taking a tour to these areas, but this has already confirmed all I’ve heard this place. On one of my free time from work, the Georgia Mountain is where I’d certainly go to. 

    • Alyce says:

      There is definitely a lot to do and see in the North Georgia mountains! Hope you have a great visit during your free time!

  3. Willy says:

    Having read this post I’m already getting excited and anticipatory on how interesting and awesome my next vacation would be . I never knew about these Tours before,not until now .i would love to try out the seaplane tour of the Georgia mountains with my team. Is there a bigger seaplane that can accommodate more than 3passangers at a time? I love the view of the sea and its aesthetics. Getting to know about this today is a great deal for me.

    Thanks for this review,its helpful.

    • Alyce says:

      I am not aware of any places that have a seaplane in the North Georgia mountains that can accomodate more passengers, but hopefully you can all enjoy your own separate trips if you have a large group!

  4. Nazmun Nahar says:


    Thanks for this great article about aerial tours of the Georgia Mountains. My younger brother is a passionate Mountain rider and he loves to do the tour. His birthday is coming on next month, so I was decided I will give him a surprised gift-a tour arrangement. I was looking on the internet and got your article. You explain so well with some information that I don’t have to see anything else. I think this mountain tour will be best for him. Thanks again.

  5. Shan says:

    What a cool idea! Thank you for sharing – I would have never thought to even search for a tour of the mountains from the air! 

    I think the bi-plane and seaplane options might be more anxiety inducing than a relaxing scenic ride for me. I absolutely love the mountains and nature but heights aren’t exactly my favorite thing lol. Even though a helicopter is still a very small confined aircraft, somehow in my mind it seems safer and perhaps a better choice for me.

    I have always been fascinated with hot air balloons – this is by far my favorite tour option. I have heard the ride can at times get somewhat turbulent but an experienced attendant I’m sure can maneuver with ease. Have you personally taken any of these tours? Which one offers the longest ride for the money do you think? Thanks so much for your input!

    • Alyce says:

      So far, I have only been able to take a helicopter ride through the blue ridge mountains. It is an amazing experience like no other… it’s great to simply lift off of the ground without needing a running start, and then whip around in any direction to sightsee. For your money you can probably spend a little less with an airplane ride, but you may be able to customize a trip that works better than the standard tours. 

  6. AmDetermined says:

    Hi, your post is helpful as it met my need, I have been wanting to create a moment for my girlfriend on her birthday, the list of Aerial Tour will be a good one, I have check all the post and I will call the numbers on your website to make a booking, I will be sharing your post on my social media for friends and family to be aware of this information.

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! I hope your sweetheart enjoys the thoughtful gift of an aerial tour in the Georgia mountains for her birthday!!

  7. Nice Gal Nikki says:

    Wow, the Georgia Mountains look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this on your website. I believe this would be a romantic gift idea for somebody if they wanted to propose to their loved one or even if just as a romantic date. This would create unforgettable memories for people. Have you yourself been on one of these tours?

    • Alyce says:

      I have been on wonderful helicopter rides through the blue ridge mountains many times and it never gets old. I would expect that each of the tour operators could make sure that you enjoy an unforgettable proposal or romantic setting for a date. 

  8. AirplaneJane says:

    Wow I wish I knew about all these options to see the area from the air when I lived in Atlanta in 1999. What an awesome way to enjoy the mountains. 

    If you have never been on a hot air balloon ride definitely try them. I have twice and it is an amazing experience and cool that Groupon has discounts available for them. I also love Biplanes and flew in a Stearman once. The one that excites me the most would be an arobatic plane ride. 

    Thanks for sharing all these cool options to enjoy the Georgian Appalachian Mountains.

    • Alyce says:

      Oh cool, thanks for sharing. I still have not been able to go on a hot air balloon ride through the Georgia mountains… it takes a little more planning (since it’s best enjoyed either early or late in the day), but I am looking forward to trying it out before the weather gets too cool. 

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