Picnicking at Vineyards in North Georgia

One of the most fun things to do on a nice day is to enjoy a picnic outside in a beautiful space. Fortunately, some of the best picnic locations in the Georgia mountains can be found at the local vineyards.

Picnicking at Ott Farms Vineyards with our Husky, Nina

Picnicking at Ott Farms Vineyards in Ellijay with our dog, Nina

Give yourself a reason to spend extra time outside by enjoying a picnic lunch at a vineyard in North Georgia. Be sure to bring your dog if you are going to one of the many dog-friendly vineyards — most of the picnic-friendly vineyards allow leashed dogs to visit the outdoor areas of the winery! See individual winery listings below for details.

** Please note that the following information is a guide and was current at the time of publication.

** Each establishment is independently operated and may update its outside food policies without notice. Please contact and confirm current policies before making your plans.


Picnicking at Vineyards in North Georgia

Most of the vineyards below offer the option to purchase small plates from the tasting room and/or bring your own picnic items from home. Decide which option you prefer and select a vineyard to enjoy wines made on-site with your picnic lunch. See the list of vineyards and check the map to find the best vineyard picnic locations in the Georgia mountains.

For those that prefer a full-service restaurant experience, be sure to check out the article about great vineyard restaurants in the Georgia mountains (note that the vineyards with restaurants do not allow guests to bring outside food to the vineyard).


Map of Where to Picnic at Vineyards in North Georgia

There are lots of great places in the Georgia mountains where you can enjoy a winery picnic lunch. Check the interactive map below to find the closest vineyards that allow picnics.

Click the buttons on the map to show/hide the different types of vineyard picnic (or dining) options that are available in North Georgia. Bon appétit!


Vineyards That Allow Picnics in North Georgia (+ Small Plates for Sale)

These vineyards provide a limited menu of small plates for purchase. In addition, you are also able to customize your experience by bringing your own picnic items to these locations (great for picky eaters and when bringing children to the vineyard)! Enjoy!!


12 Spies Vineyards & Farm (Rabun Gap)

Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic basket to enjoy the large West-facing views. Small Boars Head cheese trays available for purchase.

Picnic on the scenic lawn at 12 Spies Vineyards

Picnic on the scenic lawn at 12 Spies Vineyards

Dogs on leash are welcome on the outside seating areas of the veranda.

  • Phone: +1 (706) 490-0890
  • Address: 550 Black Branch Rd, Rabun Gap, GA
  • Website: 12spiesvineyards.com


Bear Claw Vineyards (Blue Ridge)

Visitors may bring their own food or purchase cheese trays, hummus trays, and other small snacks. Food trucks visit on the weekend – see their Facebook page for schedule. Dog friendly.


Cartecay Vineyards (Ellijay)

Chimney patio and picnic tables are available for visitors to enjoy their own food or purchase snacks like a charcuterie board. Food trucks visit on the weekends — contact the vineyard to get more details. Dog-friendly vineyard.


CeNita Vineyards & Winery (Cleveland)

Visitors may bring their own outside food or choose from a variety of available small plates like charcuterie boards, hummus, and pita chips, and goat cheese and honey. Dog-friendly vineyard.

  • Phone: +1 (706) 865-7478
  • Address: 591 Dock Dorsey Rd, Cleveland, GA
  • Website: cenitawinery.com


Chateau Meichtry (Talking Rock)

Small plates of charcuterie items available for purchase or visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch. Leashed dogs are welcome to visit as well!

  • Phone: +1 (706) 502-1608
  • Address: 1862 Orchard Lane, Talking Rock, GA
  • Website: chateaumeichtry.co


The Cottage Vineyard & Winery (Cleveland)

The vineyard has cheese and charcuterie options available every day, plus a food stand or a food truck a couple of weekends per month. Visitors may bring their own picnic food to enjoy at the vineyard. The outside patio area is dog-friendly.


Ellijay River Vineyards (Ellijay)

Visitors may bring their own outside food or purchase snacks like Boursin cheese and crackers. Enjoy a picnic right on the water by the Ellijay River. Only open on weekends.

Picnic on the water at Ellijay River Vineyards

Picnic on the water at Ellijay River Vineyards

Dogs on leash are allowed at this mountain vineyard on the Ellijay River.


Engelheim Vineyards (Ellijay)

Visitors are welcome to bring their own food, but it must be enjoyed outside on the grounds (not in the tasting room). Meat and cheese plates are available daily and food trucks may be present on the weekend at this winery and vineyard with a German theme. Dog friendly.

Charcuterie Plate for Purchase at Engelheim Vineyards in Ellijay

Charcuterie plate for sale at Engelheim Vineyards in Ellijay

  • Phone: +1 (706) 635-9463
  • Address: 127 Lakeview Rd, Ellijay, GA
  • Website: engelheim.com


Habersham Winery (Helen)

This location isn’t at a vineyard, but it does offer a chance to have local wines and a picnic snack in their pavilion. Cheese, crackers, and snacks are available for purchase, or you may bring your own food from home. Note that food brought from home is not allowed in the tasting room but outside in the pavilion. Leashed dogs are welcome in the outdoor pavilion.

  • Phone: +1 (706) 878-9463
  • Address: 7025 South Main Street, Helen, GA
  • Website: habershamwinery.com


Hightower Creek Vineyards (Hiawassee)

This vineyard allows leashed dogs (outside only) and encourages visitors to bring a picnic to enjoy on-site! Small plates of cheese, meat, and crackers are also available for purchase.


Odom Springs Vineyards (Blairsville)

Cheese plates are available at the Odom Springs Vineyards tasting room, but they also encourage bringing your picnic basket to enjoy while at the vineyard. Leashed dogs are welcome to visit the vineyard as well.


Ott Vineyards and Winery (Ellijay)

Open daily for wine tastings and light appetizers, plus on the weekend you’ll also enjoy live music with the gorgeous panoramic vineyard views.

Ott Farms Vineyard Wine with Picnic Lunch and Gorgeous Views!

Ott Farms Vineyard Wine with Picnic Lunch and Gorgeous Views!

Leashed dogs are welcome outside either on the patio or under the covered pavilion — the staff was enough nice enough to bring our dog a bowl of water when we arrived!

  • Phone: +1 (706) 502-8700
  • Address: 230 Henry Evans Road, Ellijay, GA
  • Website: ottvineyards.com


Serenberry Vineyards (Morganton)

Offers Georgia-made snacks like cheese straws, nuts, and chocolate, or visitors may bring their own picnic lunches. Leashed dogs are welcome outside.


Serenity Cellars (Cleveland)

A small selection of snacks is is available for purchase (guests are also welcome to bring their own food). Live music on the weekends at this Italian-themed vineyard and winery. Leashed dogs are welcome to visit with you.

  • Phone: +1 (706) 348-1277
  • Address: 265 Laurel Ridge Rd, Cleveland, GA
  • Website:serenitycellars.com


Sharp Mountain Vineyards (Jasper)

Live music on the weekends at this dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and picnic-friendly vineyard and winery!


Stonewall Creek Vineyards (Tiger)

Visitors may bring their own picnic lunch and snacks or choose from small plates including cheese plates, wine brownies, and savory crackers. Stonewall Creek Vineyards is a dog-friendly vineyard and even has snacks and water to offer man’s best friend!

  • Phone: +1 (706) 212-0584
  • Address: 323 Standing Deer Lane, Tiger GA
  • Website: stonewallcreek.com


Three Sisters Vineyards (Dahlonega)

Prepackaged cheese and meat plates are available daily for purchase, and there is a food truck on Saturdays. Visitors may bring their own food EXCEPT on Saturdays when a food truck is on-site. Leashed dogs are allowed to visit the vineyard with you.


Vineyards Where You Can Picnic in North Georgia (No Food for Sale)

The Georgia mountains vineyards are a great place to enjoy a scenic outdoor picnic lunch. Although the vineyards below do not sell food or snacks, you are welcome to pack your own picnic items to enjoy with your wine at these vineyards.


Currahee Vineyards White and Rose Wines

Currahee Vineyards White and Rose Wines


Currahee Vineyard & Winery (Toccoa)

Vineyard visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic or snacks to enjoy with the Currahee wines and views of the vines and Currahee mountain. Dogs are also welcome to visit the vineyard.

Tasting wine at Currahee Vineyard in Toccoa

Tasting wine at Currahee Vineyard in Toccoa [photo ExploreGeorgia.org]


Fainting Goat Vineyards & Winery (Jasper)

Guests are welcome to bring outside food to enjoy with their Fainting Goats Vineyards wines. Leashed dogs are welcome at this family-friendly vineyard and winery. Enjoy live music on the weekends and the fainting goats that are there all the time!


How to Picnic at Vineyards in North Georgia

These experiences are a great way to enjoy a customized picnic experience in a beautiful vineyard setting. This option is both cost-conscious and allows for flexibility with personal dietary preferences and restrictions.

Follow these tips to enjoy a wine picnic at one of the great mountain vineyards that allow picnics in North Georgia.


Buy your wine at the vineyard

Serenity Cellars Cleveland GA

Serenity Cellars Cleveland GA

This one should go without saying but never bring outside alcohol to a vineyard or winery. These farm vineyards rely on your support to stay in business! Purchase your favorite wine(s) from the tasting room and take outside to enjoy with your picnic.


Pack a variety of food items

When considering your wine picnic ideas, make sure to pack snacks and food items that will pair well with the wines that you expect to be enjoying at the vineyard. Pack plain crackers to cleanse the palette if you want to taste multiple wines back to back.


Protect perishable items

Pack your food in a cooler to keep it fresh while you travel to the vineyard (then fill it with wine from the vineyard to take home)!


Bring your own seating and small tables

Most vineyards do have seating available but there may be a wait for these tables during peak times. Bring your own seating and small tables to have more seating options and allow for better social distancing.


Remember the picnic essentials 

Remember that you are picnicking outdoors and need to bring all of your own supplies. These vineyard picnic locations will not have plates, bowls, utensils, napkins, or condiments for your use. Plan to bring these items from home (plus all the things you’ll need to clean up!).


Dress comfortably for the occasion

No matter when you visit, you’ll want to make sure that you dress for the conditions at the vineyard. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes for walking on grassy vineyard areas and gravel parking lots, apply sunscreen if you’ll be out in the sun for an extended period, and remember to check the local forecast so that you are dressed for the weather.


Designate a driver

No matter which picnic option you choose, be sure to designate a driver to safely navigate the mountain roads on your way home from the vineyard (alternately, your group could choose to stay at one of these vineyards).

For any legal questions during or regarding your visit to the Georgia mountains, call the Georgia legal team of Corales & Woody at +1 (678) 961-3999.


Please note that seasonality affects operating hours and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may require changes on a day-to-day basis. It is recommended to contact the vineyard directly to be certain that they will be open when you arrive.


North Georgia Vineyard Picnics

North Georgia Vineyard Picnics

What are your favorite winery picnic lunch ideas?

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  1. Johnny says:

    Great article! What is best than spending some time in the open-air with family and friends? Doing it at a Vineyard haha!
    This is a great map to plan my next road trip. My wife and I are wine lovers so this article just fits us perfectly. Thank you so much for gathering this information, hope to visit them soon!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Johnny, Your timing is great as we are starting to get some beautiful, warm weather days that make for fantastic  North Georgia vineyard picnics. Enjoy!

  2. Jim says:

    What an interesting article Alyce. The map you have provided will be very helpful in planning a tour of the Vineyards. I can think of nothing better than spending time in some of these beautiful places with my lovely wife. We are hoping to travel to the States once the Covid situation is under control, and Georgia will definitely be on our must see list. 

    I can’t think of anything more relaxing then taking a picnic basket to one or two of these vineyards, sipping wine while enjoying the scenery, and simply enjoying the moment.

     I’m very intrigued by the Gaining goat winery, I’ve heard about this species of goat but never seen them in the flesh. 

    Tganjs Jim

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jim, vineyard picnics are a great way to spend an afternoon and the goats at Fainting Goats Vineyards are adorable! I haven’t yet seen the fainting goats in a “passed-out” state, but even so, they are quite a fun presence at the vineyard.

  3. Jerry McCoy says:

    This looks to be a delightful way to have a most interesting day. It also looks like a great way to see and experience a great deal of Georgia. I hope you have reached out to the Georgia Tourism Board with your information. It looks as if you took the work out of it for them.

    Are there any other restrictions at the vineyards that you did not list? Do they have a website where you can purchase once you get home? Do they have mail order? Are they authorized to ship wine to destinations around the world?

    Viewing each of these vineyards would take several days to accomplish but it would be well worth it. You get to taste several different wines, some local favorites, as well as the more traditional. It would be a great trip to make to interact with a loved one for the memories of the vineyard and of Northern Georgia.


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jerry, Thanks so much for sharing. There are a lot of vineyards to choose from, and they all operate independently, so you should reach out to the place(s) you are going to with your specific questions about restrictions. Many of these North Ga vineyards do offer to ship, but the places they are able to ship are usually determined by local laws about mailing alcohol. 

  4. Geoff says:

    Wow, such a great choice of vineyards.  It would take weeks to get around all of those.

    Its great that you can take a picnic and just enjoy the view.  It’s great that you can take dogs too, as we go nowhere without our dog.

    Do they get very busy?  When is the best time to visit?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Geoff, There are definitely plenty of options for a vineyard picnic in North Georgia, and we especially enjoy taking our dog with us to enjoy a nice day. 

      The vineyards are busiest on the weekends and during the peak leaf-changing Fall season. To me, it’s the most beautiful in the Fall and worth dealing with bigger crowds to see the amazing colors. It is helpful to take your own chairs just in case you need and want a seat during peak times. Enjoy!

  5. Rene K. says:

    Wow! your site is super next level, I love your use of widgets and how informative your site is. When I visit Georgia, this site bookmarked is going to be my most helpful planning tool for sure.  There were times where I felt maybe a little bombarded by so much information but Your delivery is pretty good and with the topic, there really isnt any other way to deliver the information other than straight forward.

  6. Kevin says:

    Hi Alyce, these vineyards in North Georgia look amazing. I love how you talked about which vineyards allowed dogs or not. What would you say is the specialty of various North Georgian wineries? White wine? Red wine? Or something else? I would love to know for a potential trip to North Georgia. Then I can plan what food to bring to couple with the wines. Thanks for the awesome post!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Kevin, Each of the wineries in North Georgia carves out its own identity, so it’s hard to pick one type of wine as a specialty. There are whites, reds, roses, and sparkling wines, and some places even offer a “wine slushie” during warmer months. Most vineyards offer at least a few white wines and a few red wines to choose from, which should give you a lot of great food pairing options. 

      When you choose a vineyard (or two) where you would like to spend an afternoon, check their online wine list for an idea of whether to expect sweet versus dry wines, etc. This should help you to create the perfect food pairings for your vineyard picnic!

  7. Rich Gilbert says:

    I lived in Atlanta for about 8 years before moving to the beach. I never made it to the Georgia Mountains. It is not too far away from my current home. When things clear up, I need to plan to visit some of the vineyards you mention here. Do you think the wines are as good as those in the Sonoma Valley of California? I have not been able to find a good Pinot Noir from any vineyard on this side of the country. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Rich, There are some wonderful wines available in Georgia, but my favorite Pinot Noir wines are usually from Willamette Valley in Oregon. I recommend visiting Frogtown Cellars for an excellent selection of red wines.  I have found that it is beneficial to let your server know your tasting preferences so that they can guide you to selections that you will enjoy the most. Cheers!

  8. Josh says:

    Again, thank you for sharing this helpful information about vineyard picnics. This isn’t always information that is easy to find on winery websites so it’s helpful to have it all compiled in one place right here (plus a vineyard map!).  

    Beautiful spaces and I’m already planning my mix of charcuterie items to take on my next trip to the vineyards!! 🙂

  9. roprimixz says:

    Hello there – this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing where I can take my friends and family on a nice day to enjoy good local wines with our own favorite picnic foods. It’s helpful to know which places allow dogs and what types of other things the vineyards may offer like live music. Loved the photos too! Thanks for pulling this all together, it’s definitely going to help us plan a great vineyard picnic outing in north Georgia!

    • Alyce says:

      It’s wonderful to hear that you found this information helpful for your trip planning. I hope you all are able to enjoy a lovely picnic!

  10. Eirian Silver says:

    Oh this was a good read to come across. I’m going to have to convince my boyfriend to take me traveling. He’s not much of a traveler, but I think he’d actually go for this since it’s not horrendously far for a drive. Plus several of the locations look really nice. I also haven’t been on a picnic since I was in high school, and that was just at a swimming pool. A real picnic would be nice. It’d be great for a bonding experience. This was super nice to come across.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Eirian, I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed learning about having picnics at the North Georgia vineyards. They are definitely a nice way to enjoy the scenery on a pretty day in the mountains!

  11. Castle says:

    North Georgia looks like a beautifull area of North America. I would love to be able to spend time there. At the moment that isn’t possible. But It is great in these difficult times it is great to read websites like this. It helps to keep you motivate and focused on a positive future. I love this site.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Castle, It is definitely not ideal that the world can’t move around freely right now due to the COVID pandemic. Hopefully the virus’s days are numbered and our adventures can return again soon! I agree that it is helpful to stay motivated and continue planning for a better future (including travelling to beautiful places). 

  12. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    This brings back a lot of fond memories of picnics with family and friends that I had growing up. Georgia is such a beautiful place as is Connecticut where I grew up. I would love to have a picnic at the Vineyards at some point in time. I have been to Georgia but never experienced the Georgia Mountains. So many wonderful choices at the Vineyards. It is on my list of places to visit. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Joseph, I hope you get a chance to visit the Georgia mountains soon and enjoy a relaxing day of tasting wine and picnicking at a vineyard!

  13. Misael H says:

    This is all very interesting to read and look at! I love the imagery you used, you can tell the images are authentic. I love this, it all seems so simple yet so pleasing and you have provided a great deal of valuable information for your audience! I will certainly be coming back to this website in the future as I can see that you are so diverse with what you talk about. Thank you very much for this article 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Misael, A picnic at a mountain vineyard is a really nice way to support local businesses and families, support local farming / agriculture, and to enjoy a nice day while doing so! I’m so glad to hear that you found it helpful!

  14. Anastazja says:

    Picnicing at a vineyard is one of our favorite things to do.  I am fortunate to live in wine country in California, not the famous Sonoma or Napa Valleys, but in the Santa Lucia Highlands.  We often take a picnic lunch to different wineries within about 20 miles, but our favorite is the Hahn Vineyards.  The winery is set on a small mountain side that overlooks the Salinas Valley.  Comfortable tables on the porch or blankets spread in the grass make for a wonderful afternoon.  You article is a great reference for anyone living in your part of the country,.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Anastazja, It sounds like you live in a beautiful place full of great options for vineyard picnicking! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. Kelvin says:

    Picnicking at vineyards in North Georgia sounds great. Although I have not had any experience on what it feels like, but from all I have reading this article, it seems to be a really unique way to spend an afternoon. The Georgia Mountains sounds like a place of endless wonders and beauty. All I have read about the best places in the Georgia Mountains are always sounding great.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Kelvin, I agree that vineyard picnics are a great choice when looking for a unique way to have fun in North Georgia!

  16. Julai says:

    What beautiful places to go picnicking with the entire family! My family lives in Spain, but we love nature a lot and vineyards are very close to our hearts because we live in an are surrounded by vineyards. We are in an area that is known as the “wine capital of Catalunya”.

    We once visited a vineyard and availed of its guided tour. And afterwards, we bought some wine in their store for souvenir. my husband and I bought several bottles thinking that they’re cheaper compared to the ones available in the grocery store since they are bought directly from the manufacturer.

    But when we checked the prices in the grocery store, the ones in the grocery store are actually cheaper. 🙁 And we were able to encounter this twice. And then we found out it’s just a marketing strategy trying to make the customers believe that the wines in their store are cheaper than the grocery store.

    But all in all, it’s completely ok with us because the experience was superb.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Julai, your family’s home sounds wonderful! 

      I also found it surprising that vineyard wineries sell their wine at the full retail price. There are sometimes a couple of ways to get around this markup. Some places give customers a discount if they purchase a case or more of wine. Also, if there is a wine club, the members will usually get a discount on bottles (in addition to other benefits). 

      Thanks for sharing!

  17. Trevor says:

    I have been following the development of your website Gamountainsguide with great interest & have previously saved the url.  You have certainly got me interested in a visit to Georgia after the C19 crisis calms down.   I love hiking in mountains, and I love visiting vinyards too. Particularly the sampling and eating bit!  You have also highlighted a range of great restaurants too.  Now you have added some great suggestions for picknicking.  Here is a practical point, what about drink driving?  Is there a central location from where one can be based in this area and then take reasonably priced taxis or local vineyard vans to collect you (& return) so you can have a great day out at the vinyards without worrying about drink driving?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Trevor, The vineyards are not located in within the mountain towns, so transportation options are somewhat limited. Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber might be available and a few places might have taxi service. There are also a few tour operators who offer bus and van tours to the vineyards, but these need to be scheduled in advance. It is definitely wise to have a plan before you go to the vineyard!

  18. Nuttanee says:

    I agree, I myself enjoy a picnic on a nice day especially this time of the year which is bugs free and I get to sip a hot cider and enjoy a scenery. Your Nina is so cute. I am sure she is a husky, she is very similar to my Shiro. Thank you for sharing all these vineyards and the how tos for the picnic. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Nuttanee, not having to deal with bugs at this time of year is a huge plus!!

      You are correct — Nina is a husky — and aren’t huskies the best?? We adopted her after she walked into our yard about a year ago and we were unable to find her owner. We had no idea what we were getting into, but have found huskies to be very smart and equally silly. She’s been a great dog and she definitely enjoys the outings for picnics in the mountain vineyards! 🙂 

  19. QueenAna says:

    This is a very impressive website.  I am drawn in to visit each of the places you have described.  You give living detail which encourages the reader to start making plans to travel.  They will have a difficult time selecting where to go first.  This is very well done.  The only question would be, are airplane fares included? and of course, do we bring a tent or stay in an RV, or in a hotel?  I am not being serious, about the travel arrangements.  But, I am serious about how great your information is.  You provide enough information that a novice or new traveler would be able to make decisions.  I look forward to reading more posts from you. We love to travel!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi QueenAna, There are a lot of different ways to stay in the Georgia mountains, and you’re welcome to do whichever one(s) you prefer. There are campsites of all types, basic treehouses, luxury treehouses, waterfront rentals with boats, and you can even stay overnight at some of these great vineyards!!

      I hope you enjoy your trip!!

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