*** UPDATE 6/2/2020 ***

*** This event is now rescheduled for the ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST 2020! ***

Make your plans now to attend the 2020 Georgia Wine Highway Week. This annual wine tasting event usually lasts for 10 days and includes visits to dozens of participating vineyards! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns in 2020, the annual event was both postponed (twice) and extended (to last for the full month of August!).

Chateau Meichtry Ga Wine Highway Week
Chateau Meichtry Ga Wine Highway Week

General information is shared below. Please check with individual wineries to confirm hours and COVID-19 policies.

2020 Wine Highway Week in the Georgia Mountains

The Winegrowers Association of Georgia is sponsoring the 2020 annual Wine Highway Week from Friday, March 20th through Sunday, April 5th, 2020. This tour of some of the finest North Georgia Mountain vineyards includes a commemorative souvenir wine glass and 4-5 wine tastings at each participating vineyard. There is a $50 charge per passport, but with the opportunity to sample multiple wines from 20+ vineyards, it is one of the best deals in the Georgia mountains!

To participate, visit any of the participating wineries and request a Wine Highway passport. You will receive a “Wine Highway Week” souvenir glass for your tastings and and an admission “passport” punch card for the participating wineries. Be sure to keep the Passport and Souvenir Glass with you at all wineries visited to receive your wine tastings!

Each winery provides it’s own wine tasting format, and many vineyards also offer complimentary food and live music (these bonuses are usually on the busier weekend days).

  • Monday – Thursday: 1-5
  • Fridays: 12-5
  • Saturdays: 11-5
  • Sundays: 12:30-5

2020 Wine Highway Week Participating Vineyards & Wineries

The full list of 2020 participants is ready, and there are 28 great North Georgia vineyards and wineries that have signed up to participate for 2020! Please note that vineyards that have been crossed out below are no longer participating in the event after COVID-19 shutdowns.

Blue Ridge & Ellijay

Cleveland & Helen



Tiger, Toccoa, & Rabun Gap

Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA

Other Areas

These areas aren’t quite in the mountains, but they are close enough to be included in North Georgia’s 2020 Wine Highway Week event. Enjoy these North Georgia winery locations in Alto and White.

Please note that the vineyards / wineries that are crossed out above chose to opt out of the event after the COVID pandemic moved the event dates.

Engelheim Vineyards Ga Wine Highway Week
Fantastic wines with charcuterie plate at Engelheim Vineyards 2018 Wine Highway Week

See the previous Ga Mountains Guide post about the great value when we visited all 22 participating wineries for the 2018 Wine Highway Week!

NOTE: Although most of the North Georgia vineyards do participate in the Wine Highway Week event, you should know that there are a few select Georgia mountain vineyards that do not participate. Excellent vineyards that are not signed up to participate include Wolf Mountain Vineyards & Winery, Frogtown Cellars, Montaluce Winery and Estates, Three Sisters Vineyards, Bear Claw Vineyards, and Ellijay River Vineyards.

Tips for Enjoying the 2020 Wine Highway Week

Follow a few simple steps to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun trip to the Georgia mountains.

Designate a sober driver for the excursions!

Each one of the participating vineyards is located in the scenic Georgia mountains and provides gorgeous views of the area. However, the routes and roads are twisty, country, mountain roads and require an alert driver for safe navigation.

Plan to visit no more than 3-4 vineyards per day

Although there are some areas where vineyards are close together, most vineyards require at least a 15 minute drive to each other. Plan in advance to visit groups of vineyards that are close together.

Share a passport to help keep a clear head

Each tasting provides at least a few sips of each wine, so if you don’t mind sharing your glass, you can share the tasting with someone. This will allow you to keep a clearer head — plus you can almost always purchase an extra glass (or bottle) of your favorite wines!

Stonewall Creek Vineyeards Ga Wine Highway Passport
Stonewall Creek Vineyeards Ga Wine Highway Passport

Wear comfortable shoes that can handle dirt and gravel

Most of the tasting areas are located indoors, but many of the vineyards have dirt or gravel roads and pathways to access their main buildings. You will not want to be wearing fancy heels for this event.

Stay hydrated and well fed during the tastings

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. Take your own water bottle and make sure to drink plenty to stay hydrated. Make sure that you have some food in your stomach as well — either travel with your own snacks or plan to visit one of the great nearby restaurants in the Georgia mountains for a full meal.

What to Take to Wine Highway Week

Be sure to do a little bit of advance planning to get the most out of the Wine Highway Week event. Keeping a few key items with you can make the event even more enjoyable.

  • Wine glass markers or charms – since everyone will receive the same identical glass for the wine highway week, having a way to mark your own can be very helpful to avoid confusion in the tasting room
  • ID / proof of age – make sure that you can prove that you are old enough to drink wine legally (you must be 21 years old to drink alcohol in Georgia)
  • Crossbody bags – a hands-free bag for men or for women will make it much easier to walk around the grounds with your wine glass, passport, and any snacks that have been offered
  • Water bottles – grab a case of spring water or take a Hydro Flask to make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day
  • Polarized Sunglasses with UV protection – eliminate glare and protect your eyes while enjoying the mountain weather and vineyard views
  • Sunscreen – don’t let the mild Spring temperatures fool you – the sun is still powerful enough to burn on these gorgeous days
  • Maps – some of the vineyards are in remote areas and you may not have data coverage on your cell phone – download Google maps of the areas you will visit in advance of your trip to make sure you can easily find your way around
  • Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen – be ready to clean up any spills before stains set into your favorite clothes


Which are your favorite North Georgia wineries and which Georgia mountain vineyards are you most hoping to visit this year?